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Every object at a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared energy. As friction and resistance increase the amount of infrared energy, or heat, increases. If action is not taken, the temperature will rise until failure occurs.

Infrared imaging has been successfully applied by Infrared Services, Inc for the following types of solutions:

  • Preventative Maintenance scan electrical and mechanical equipment for trouble spots so they can be repaired before they fail.
  • Predictive Maintenance monitor limited life components to predict and schedule replacement before failure.
  • Electrical Electronic Inspection find problems caused by overload and high resistance.
  • Stream Trap Analysis locate plugged or leaking steam traps that are not visible to the human eye.
  • Roof Moisture Analysis pinpoint leaks for repair saving thousands of dollars on a roof replacement.
  • Building Heat Loss Analysis find damaged, missing or deteriorating insulation in walls, windows and roofs that cause major heat loss.
  • Research and Development discover the heat flow properties of new products or processes.
  • Acceptance Testing and Quality Control scan new equipment to find faults or defective workmanship.


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